My works are about body, in the presence or absence of it. They deal with the transient nature of memory and the notion of self as commentary on body-politics. My research interest is in the notion of the body as a metaphor for issues in our collective consciousness through layers of artistic amalgamation, accumulated and straddled between multiple cultures. By narrating the stories in materials and rituals that thread the past to the present, my works forge the notion of identity, duality, and displacement. These materials are resuscitated by vivid experiences, memories of places, including native Nepal. My works often contain personal and culturally bound thematic elements that remain opaque; however, by recognizing these sites of opacity, an audience can resuscitate a productive ambiguity - a transient experience - a common language.

In my recent works, home (as an idea, as body) in its many manifested forms (objects, drawings, installations) has been a recurring metaphor for a discourse on displacement and identity. I continue to produce works on paper, installations, and in trans-media that opens a dialogue not restrictive to an identity, but acts as a crucible to discovering one.

© Binod Shrestha